White Kidney Bean Extract Side Effects

Youtube is being flooded with a lot of personal testimonials on how white kidney bean extract pills have been very effective in helping people lose weight which creates a lot of interest from others to try it out for themselves. The only thing that’s really holding them back is the question on safety and the possible white kidney bean extract side effects.

Before we get to the safety issue, perhaps things will be clearer if we talk about what these pills are all about.

What is White Kidney Bean Extract?

White Kidney Bean Extract is a dietary pill categorized as carbohydrate blockers.  It is an all-natural ingredient supplement made from Phaseolus Vulgaris that promote weight loss due to its ability to prevent starch from being converted to sugar and be part of the body’s fat storage.What is White Kidney Bean Extract?

The summary of its benefits is as follows:

1. It aids in reducing the absorption of starchy carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, pasta cereal and bread when taken before meals, reducing the caloric impact of these foods thereby aiding in weight control.

2. It specially targets unhealthy carbohydrates and leaves those healthier carbohydrates obtained from fruits and vegetables untouched, as these are important for your health and longevity.

3. It can also assist in maintaining sustained weight loss in the long term while improving mood levels

4. It works as an effective method of reducing abdominal syndrome and various cardiovascular diseases.

How it Works

Everybody consumes carbohydrates. As kids, we were taught that carbohydrates are the “go” foods that we need for energy. Professional athletes are consuming large amounts of carbohydrates to fuel their sport activities. Michael Phelps for instance was famed for his multiple Olympic gold medals as well as for his 12,500 daily calorie diet.

While carbohydrate loading is good for athletes, ordinary folks will get fat because we don’t burn as much calories.

White kidney bean carb blocker helps us in this area because when it is taken with a heavy carbohydrate meal, it neutralizes the alpha-amylase released by the pancreas to turn the carbohydrates into sugar in the small intestines. This neutralization prevents the carbohydrates from being digested and prevents it from being stored as fat.

It is in this process where white kidney bean extract can turn the carbohydrates we eat to something indigestible, useless but at least non-contributory to additional fat storage where can it be of help to ketosis; where ketosis is being in a state where the body utilizes stored fat for energy in the absence of carbohydrates.

It is in these mix and match of the separate processes can white kidney bean extract be valuable and effective for weight loss particularly fat loss.

While there are a lot of testimonials that declare that they lost the craving for food due to this supplement, all that could be just be psychosomatic. It is in the combination of alpha-amylase neutralization and ketosis where white kidney bean extract is doing its job for fat loss.

The figures on the weighing scales are proving the product to be very effective and naturally a lot of people are using it on a daily basis as it serves as a guilt-free and fat-free supplement for carbohydrate loaders.

Proper Use

Though a lot of people are using this product on a regular basis as a permanent component of every meal, it is in the opinion of this article that the proper use of white kidney bean extract is as a supplement for carbohydrate-restricted dieters.

For people who are on a Ketogenic diet where carbohydrates are restricted, this supplement can be put to good use when they are on their cheat days. It is very hard to survive carbohydrate-free.

While the Paleo diet suggests that man is supposed to survive on animal meats and greens, that concept is very hard to put in effect especially when so many of us come from heavy carbohydrate diets.

The white kidney bean extract can turn those cheat days into fat-burning days as well with its promise of alpha-amylase neutralization.

Side Effects

side effectsBecause white kidney bean extract is so effective as a carbohydrate blocker, more and more people will likely use it as a dietary supplement in larger dosages. Now, the question is this, “Is white kidney bean extract safe?”

Reviews on white kidney bean extract reveal that it does not really cause any serious side effects. Some have experienced gas and diarrhea issues due to the increased fermentation of carbohydrates.

Bloating and constipation have also been reported. But according to a review published in the March 2011 edition of “Nutrition Journal”, all the side effects disappeared after a few days of continued use. It is their expert opinion that the temporary gastrointestinal problems are only similar to what you may encounter if you suddenly increased the amount of fiber in your diet.

All reported side effects of white kidney bean extract were only temporary that was brought about by some intestinal adjustments to the alpha-amylase neutralization process

Pure White Kidney Bean Extract

Even if product reviews have reported safety claims, if you are going to try a white kidney bean extract as a dietary supplement, you have to consider the product that has the greatest safety features.

Various generic white kidney bean extracts are sold in the market from various brands however; only one product has been clinically studied for its safety and efficacy.

Pure White Kidney Bean Extract is the leading brand in the market, made in the USA from non-GMO beans and in a FDA inspected facility. It contains the first clinically-proven carbohydrate blocker, Phase 2 Carb Controller which was researched for over ten years and patented for its high-quality extraction process, using purified water, free of solvents and other toxins, with statistically proven results.

With Pure White Kidney Bean Extract, you can totally forget about white kidney bean extract side effects because you can be assured that you are banking on the most preferred brand and the most health abiding dietary supplement company in the market.